Our botanicals are natural and organic-quality ingredients from regional partners. Oranges, lemons and pomelos give the gin its refreshing mildness. The special character of the gin is delicate lavender with notes of apple and licorice. Some secret ingredients from "Grandma's Garden" complete the Ox & Studs.





In the manufacturing process our ingredients are washed and peeled manually. In the following maceration process the ingredients are inserted to raw alcohol of the highest quality. Traditionally distilled in a small copper distillery, the distinctive taste is created by a slow distillation process. After an appropriate resting period to develop the full flavour, each bottle is filled, labeled and lettered manually. 





The name of our gin has to do with the professional background of the 3 founders and our interest in fashion. For us, the Oxford shoes ("Ox") and - on special occasions - the matching cufflinks ("Studs") are part of the man's individual accessory and are an expression of an elegant appearance. In the end, we were able to convert the combination of stylish looseness paired with lively elements in both the name and the logo. “Ox & Studs” in English also stands for bullock and stallion. Both wearing a tie and a bow tie since then are elegantly decorating our front label as well as the shimmering inside of the bottle.